Thursday, February 1, 2007


Last night was Legendary Bingo Night at Hamburger Mary's in WeHo. The weekly charity event is always a crazy good time.

Last night was especially exciting, because the guest celebrity ball-callers were our friends Carrie and Christen from Campus Ladies.
If you know me, you know I enjoy making fun of things that start with "This Ain't Your Mama's..." As in, "This Ain't Your Mama's Nacho Recipe" or "This Ain't Your Mama's Catholic Music". With that said, early ads for Legendary Bingo shouted "This Ain't Your Mama's Bingo", and I have to admit, it's a pretty astute description.

The atmosphere is irreverent, campy and wild. For example, when someone wins a game, they have to run a lap around the restaurant while people pelt them with their losing gamecards! Before the game began last night, "sassy drag queen" The Fabulous Bell Aire performed a rap song about Bingo, then demonstrated what would happen if anyone misbehaved.

Even though none of us won, we had a really great time. Here is some visual proof... Aimee and Lisa having a really great time.

If you've never been, make sure you do. Bingo Boy and The Fabulous Bell Aire have been hosting the weekly charity event for six years now. Last night's event was raising money for The Sports Diversity Foundation. The place was packed, and they actually had to turn people away!

Check out a lot more photos from Bingo Night here.


Brian said...

I guess if I want my picture in a post I have to drop my pants. Whatev.

Libbycookie said...

While I respect your distaste for trendy phrases, I can tell you as an authority that this is definitely not your mama's bingo. I know a thing or two about bingo. I have played at the Foreign Legion in Ventura (those people are scary serious), and also enjoyed beer & bingo at the Ventura County Fair (still serious, but not scary). Please know there are no drag queens and no bare fannies. Ever.