Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My new favorite place in the whole wide world is....(drum roll, please)....FAMIMA!! It's silly to think that I would get so much pleasure from a Japanese convenience store, but when I walk into one and see all the yummy goodness they offer I just can't help myself. I scream, "I LOVE YOU, FAMIMA!" Okay, it doesn't really happen that way. I usually just stand there in a trance, absorbed with all the fabulous items they have.

Come on people...They have Pocky! A yummy wafer type cookie coated with chocolate.

Not to mention yummy sushi, fresh salads and interesting drinks you can't get anywhere else.
Thanks Japan! Me love you long time!


Kiki Maraschino said...

I like going into this shop below my dentist's office when I'm still all high from the laughing gas.

Libbycookie said...

Yes! They have such an impressive collection of Poki, it includes "Men's Poki," which features extra-dark chocolate. Love the Japanese.