Friday, March 30, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

A while back Heath and I took a weekend trip to Vegas.
We decided to get a jump start on our trip by driving up the night before and stayed at a hotel just past the California/Nevada border, Whiskey Pete's. We arrived at about 1am. We were tired, cold, and in need of a hot shower. Now I'm not a diva when it comes to hotels, but let me just say it wasn't worth the $22 bucks we spent for the night. Seriously.

Here's a bottle cap we found in the corner of our room. Classy.

I slept in my clothes. I didn't want my pj's touching those sheets. When we woke up I asked Heath if he was going to shower. His reply was, "Not in this dump." I figured he was onto something, so we immediately grabbed our stuff and got the hell out of dodge.

Okay, so here's the sorta funny part. First let me tell you a little back story. When we decided to go to Vegas, we called a bunch of hotels and were pretty much priced out. We just didn't want to spend $300 plus on a room we weren't going to spend much time in. That said, we decided to get a room at Hooter's Hotel and Casino (yes, you read right). We were like, "How bad can it be?" Well, after spending the night at Whiskey Dumpsville, we were a little nervous. I wasn't in the mood to sleep in my jeans with my arms crossed like a mummy again. And at some point during the weekend a shower would be necessary.
Wow. You have no idea how happy I was when we opened the door to our room. Clean. Comfy. No bottle caps in the corner. It wasn't half bad.
Here's me hugging the bed. With a beer.

Here are some cheesy touches they put out to make their guests feel extra special: The Hotel is right across the street from MGM Grand. Where the San Remo used to be.
The best way for me to describe Hooters Casino is a poor man's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. You'll definitely see the Nascar types walking around. But who cares when the cocktail waitresses actually keep the drinks coming WITHOUT you having to ask! Now that's classy!

Obviously it's not the Wynn or Mandalay Bay. But for $90 bucks a night on weekends, you can spend your money doing a lot more of this:

and this:and see an awesome Cirque Du Soleil show like this:

There's one thing I couldn't get out of my mind. What those Hooters girls will look like when gravity takes over. Oh snap!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wedding Redux

A while back, we thought it was really funny to take pictures of all our friends with too much food in their mouths...

At the wedding on Saturday, we thought it would be fun to take pictures of people trying to drink too much at once.

Surprisingly, only half of these pictures were staged.

Dina and Jason's Wedding

We went to an awesome wedding last Saturday at the Hollywood-Roosevelt Hotel. Our friends Dina and Jason are a great couple, and their wedding was a blast. The cermony was held in a great room with a huge window overlooking Hollywood Blvd. (Seems like we've been there every weekend!) The ceremony flew by, and in no time, we were in the hotel lobby enjoying appetizers and drinks.

The ice luge was a great hit.

...except with Brian, who apparently hates ice luges.

After cocktail hour, we were ushered into the reception hall for dinner.

Then it was time for dancing.

When she was twirling, you could see just how skinny our friend Lisa has gotten.

Having lived through it myself, I know how exhausting your wedding night can be. Jason barely made it off the dance floor.

Like the Reverend said during the ceremony. "Mazel Tov. It's a Jewish word meaning 'good luck' or 'congratulations' or... whatever."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bombing For Peace

Only a few days after Gina's Hollywood adventure, the same exact streets were transformed for an anti-war rally. Or maybe it was a peace rally. I forget.

Thousands of people marched from Hollywood and Vine to Hollywood and Highland, where they listened to speakers, and watched some musical acts. A handful of really confused-looking tourists were mixed in amongst the crowd. Lucky for them, a lot of the costumed characters were still out in force, posing for pictures.


Jackson Brownes...

...and Spidermen.
Bush, are you listening? Even Spiderman hates you!

People in the crowd were genuinely moved. Some of them were also excited about St. Patrick's Day, and made their children wear ties and vests.

A lot of artists seized the opportunity to make a visual statement.

I think each casket symbolizes a US citizen who suffered through Wild Hogs at El Capitan.

"Let's Start the War on Hippies!" I found this genius in front of a bar a few blocks away from the rally. He was telling a security guard how "these stupid anti-war people are the first ones who will punch you in the face for no reason."
This guy's "invisible sign" is a lot cooler:

And I really, really prefer this girl's sign:

More pictures from the rally can be seen here:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hollywoooooood. Hollywood Swinging!

Ever wonder aboout those cheesy Hollywood tour buses you see driving around the city? Probably not, but I'm going to tell you about them anyway. Last week Monica and I decided to pose as tourists and as we spent some quality time being chauffeured around the city in a bright red double decker bus. Yes, it's true.

Here are some of the "highlights":

The bus picked us up in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Here's a picture of the lovely bus.

Here we are on the bus.

Here's our friendly tour guide, Mr. err, uh... I forget his name.

A REALLY poor picture of the Hollywood sign.

My favorite dive bar in Hollywood. Not Wicked, silly. The Frolic Room.

A picture of Borat and a cracked out Marylin Monroe. Just because.

Here's what I learned from the tour:
1) Brad Pitt's first job in LA was at El Pollo Loco.

2) People on the street like to point and laugh at you while the bus drives by.

3) It was a total blast hanging out with Monica, pretending to be a goofy tourist.

For ten bucks and 1.5 hours, it's a great way to take a chauffeured drive around Hollywood.

To quote Borat Sagdiyev from the great nation of Kazakhstan, "I liiiiiiiike".