Monday, April 2, 2007

is it that good-berry?

By now, most of you are hip to the latest frozen yogurt craze that's sweeping the nation, specifically in Los Angeles.

Most Pinkberry enthusiasts describe it as a drug. They just can't get enough of it. I've heard of people driving around the block numerous times to find a parking space, then waiting in line 45 minutes to get their fix.

My friends talk about Pinkberry all time. "I would kill for an original with coconut and mango right now." "Oh my god, they're opening one near my house." Five, ten minutes pass and they're still talking about their beloved Pinkberry. I must confess, I feel a little left out of the Pinkberry loop when these conversations take place.

Now I've been known to indulge in the latest obsession more than once. I went through my Jamba Juice phase, my Ice Blended Mocha phase... Heck, I'm even currently in the middle of a life-long martini phase.

But to those of you that are addicted to Pinkberry, I ask you... Is it really that good?


Brian said...

Dear God YESSSS! I have to go sell my watch now so I can buy some more.

Star said...

Holy crap yes. It's like that woman said in the article - the first time you have one you're like, yeah, that was ok. And then the next day you say I could really go for a pinkberry right about now.

And then you crave it. And you get in line for one. And people walk out of the shop with theirs and everyone looks at them the way a lion looks at a baby deer.

Who wrote this anyway?

You guys should sign your posts!

gina & heath said...

I've only had it once, so I think I'm in that "it was okay" phase. Now I'm a little concerned that if I eat it again I'm going to turn into an addict. Good thing they don't have a Pinkberry close to our house(yet).

BTW...good suggestion about signing our posts. For the record, I'm the one on the life-long martini phase. Heath is on the life long whiskey phase. :)


Star said...

Ha! I knew it was you. I just re-read what I wrote and it seems a bit crazy. And the exclamation point makes it sound like I was yelling at you. Sorry about that. I use them too much. (!)

If you want with blogger you can set it up so that you both have access to posting. You don't have to be the one "gina & heath" - I don't know if it matters. But yeah, your blog is really fun to read!


Libbycookie said...

I need another addiction like I need a freakin' hole in my head. Just say no to pb, Gina!

Kiki Maraschino said...

It's just like Krispy Kreme...once the novelty has worn off and they are on every corner, it will probably be no big deal. But then again, I have yet to experience the thrill of the Pinkberry.

And yeah, when you light that unity candle in your wedding, and they say that the two of you become one, I'm not sure they were talking about blogs. But I like the mystery.