Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why I Love It When Gina's Family Makes Dinner

Any occasion with the Vadurro's, large or small, turns into a feast. I always say that hanging out with her family is like being in an Olive Garden commercial, except with great food. (not awful, awful food). The very first time I met Gina's mom, Mary, she appeared like a vision - emerging from the smoke-filled kitchen; In her arms, an enormous bowl overflowing with giant veal meatballs.

Here is a sampling from the most recent family gathering:


Sylvia Sheehan said...

Where's my plate???

No, really, this brings tears to my eyes. I can't tell you how much I miss the Vadurro meal fests! I remember how wonderful it was to be part of such occasions. Oh my mouth is watering already. Just one bite of that sausage. Does Mary still make that wonderful wedding soup?


gina & heath said...

Hi Syl!
My mom hasn't made wedding soup in a long time. That is some pretty incredible soup, huh? It takes a long time to make. Back in the day, people in Italy would only make the soup on special occasions, hence the name "wedding soup".

Actually, Angela cooked a lot of this meal with my mom. She got the cooking gene. I got the eating gene :)

miss you