Monday, June 4, 2007

Meet Me At The Smoke House

I'm finally emerging from inside the black hole that is television production, and I am once again ready to eat, drink, and be merry. One of my favorite places to participate in the aforementioned activites is The Smoke House in Burbank.

The refined, old-school hangout has been a Hollywood favorite since they opened in 1946. Their Sunday Brunch is classic.
Me and Gina made plans a long time ago to go there with my family last Sunday. Right after we made the plan, a good friend of ours sent us an email inviting us there the same day for his birthday brunch! So, we ended up getting there at 11, eating with my family, then moving over to our friends table to eat and drink more!

The Smoke House is famous for their Cheese-Bread. Someone who used to work there once revealed the secret ingredient to me... Kraft Macaroni & Cheese powder.
To prove to you how disgusting I am, here is a picture of my first plate:

List of items on first plate: Fried chicken drumstick; Italian sausage; scrambled eggs; potatoes with onions and peppers; tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, and basil; oyster; smoked salmon; asparagus; peel and eat shrimp; an enchilada; cheese bread; and - my favorite - BACON!

List of items on second plate: oyster; salmon; Mexican Churros*; Belgian Waffle; Strawberry crepe; and more BACON!

*The restaurant had a sign referring to the churros as Mexican Churros. I was pretty sure they weren't French Canadian Churros, but I'm glad they clarified.
I ate a lot more food, but I was too full to physically lift a camera and photograph the plates for posterity. Trust me, it was ridiculous.

For those of you who may not be convinced of my love of bacon, that there's a picture of my wallet. My bacon wallet. That's right. My bacon wallet.

Stop smirking Clooney. You know you love my bacon wallet.


Gloria Weingarten said...

Love it. And love the bacon wallet too!

So G...finally updated the blog!
you can see how big Gavin is getting...he's walking this past week!

Hope all is well with you guys.
Send my love to H as well.

Kiki Maraschino said...

I am still bearing the physical and emotional scars of a horrible cheese bread burn.

Star said...

Sometimes I dream in cheese bread.