Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hawaii - Part Two

From Kauai we traveled on to The Big Island. Even though we managed to get direct flights from LA to Kauai, and from Kona to LA, our flight from Kauai to Kona had a layover in Honolulu. We checked into our hotel just in time to see the sunset. This is the view from our room!

The next morning we drove along the coast. This beach was just south of where we were staying.

We stopped to take in the view, and we saw a bunch of seaturtles. They swim right up to the edge of the water.

We also saw a stereotypical Hawaiian surfer.

Nearby, we found this beautiful little church. When we drove past it later, there was a wedding going on.

Dig that crazy tree!

There was no shortage of beautiful ocean views. Since the island is pretty much the result of volcanic activity, the land is predominantly black rock.

People were diving off this cliff into this cove. Crazy people.

We entertained the notion of ocean kayaking, but it seemed kind of intimidating. After seeing these people though, maybe it would have been kind of fun.

Another nice ocean view...

Another turtle...

Love that black rock.

We visited an area known as the Place of Refuge.

Apparently, in the good old days, there was a serious class system at work on the Big Island. People on Hawaii were frequently sentenced to death for a variety of infractions - from using the same trail as an upperclassman, to letting your shadow fall across a Chief.

Once you were sentenced to death, you had one chance for reprieve. If you could make it to the Place of Refuge before your enemies got to you, you were allowed to live.

The black rock makes you feel like you are on a different planet.

Or maybe back in prehistoric times.

Nah. More like on another planet.

One of the fascinating things about the Big Island is that is in inhabited by almost every conceivable climate - from desert to snow to rainforest.

Every time we turned a corner there was another stunning landscape.

After the Place of Refuge, we visited The Painted Church.

(It's the inside that's painted.)

The church has been standing since the early 1800's. Father John Velge painted the ceilings, and frescos along the walls in the late 1800's, early 1900's.

We ended our first long day in Hawaii with some pizza back at the Kona Brewing Company. They have excellent food, and excellent beer, but is packed with more flies than people. We went back three times anyway.

Then, back to the room to watch the ugly, ugly sunset.

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