Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hawaiian Vacation - Part 1

A few weeks ago, we went to Hawaii for some much needed rest and relaxation. All in all, we spent 8 nights - 4 on the Big Island, and 4 in Kauai, visiting my parents.

When I think of Paradise, the image that is conjured up in my head is pretty much exactly Kauai. We could have easily stayed another two weeks without missing home. For all the relaxing we planned on doing, we barely had enough time to do everything we wanted. One of Kauai's main attractions is Waimea Canyon. It's sort of a lush Grand Canyon. Pictures don't do it justice... But here are some anyway.

We went for an awesome hike in Waimea Canyon. Along the trail we stopped to pick berries and plums.
Here is Gina, about to eat one of the berries:

We actually took a few hikes. This lake is part of the property that borders the Marriot hotel.

On this hike, we saw a lot of beautiful trees. Like this one:

And this one:

We saw tons of waterfalls. This is Opaekaa Falls. My parents live in the hills just behind it.

My parents are growing a pineapple in their backyard. Doesn't it look fake?

My parents neighbor has a goat named Oreo. He also looks fake. The owner put rubber tips on the end of his horns to minimize the damage he can do. (That's duct tape on his horns, holding the rubber tips on!)

My parents own a vacuum that is so comically loud, it's ridiculous. My dad has to wear headphones while he uses it to protect his ears.

My mom made some incredible dinners.

I mean seriously. Look at that shrimp.

People on the island seem seriously outnumbered by roosters - who apparently like to cackle loudly for no reason at all times of day. It's like having a really annoying alarm clock - that goes off every seven minutes!
People in Hawaii are too polite to vandalize, so instead they do things like carve their names into leaves.One of the days, we took a tour of an old sugar plantation. I don't remember the tourguides name, but the horses name is Buddy.

Kauai has lots of neat old cemetaries and churches.

These ruins were on the site of Kauai's oldest Catholic church.

Our next to last night on the island was the 4th of July. Which also happens to be my parents anniversary. We went to a great dinner, then watched an amazing fireworks show from the post office parking lot.
On our last day in Kauai we went kayaking along Wailua River. It was quite an adventure. Everyone warned us that kayaking together can really test a marriage. There were a few hairy moments (like when pur kayak capsized), but I am happy to tell you that we are still married!

Kauai truly is a paradise.
We can't wait to go back!

More photos from our trip can be seen here.

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