Sunday, August 5, 2007

Inland Empire Screening Party

Last Wednesday night at the Hammer Museum, Filter magazine hosted a DVD release party for David Lynch's "Inland Empire".

Besides a screening of the film, the event promised a special musical perfomance by the director, a post-screening Q&A, free David Lynch coffee and Dewars and RedBull, silkscreened T-shirts created for us on the spot, DJ's, and more surprises.

The first surprise was that the event was seriously overbooked. I got there almost 2 hours early, and there were already lines stretching throughout the entire museum courtyard. There was a small group of people with handstamps that were guaranteed admission. The rest of us would have to wait and see.

While we were waiting, I was able to check out the merch booth. I bought a pound of David Lynch organic espresso.

Which was probably a good idea, since the free coffee was long gone.

It also turned out that the Dewars and Red Bull was only for the guests with the handstamps. A little after seven, we were ushered into the overflow theater. I got the last seat in the last row.

After a few minutes, David Lynch came out and talked to the crowd.

Then, David and a fellow musician sat down at the keyboards to create music. The result was a low, dissonant drone that sounded, well, like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie.
I really enjoyed the film. See below for a link to the review I wrote for Laist.
Afterwards, there was a brief Q & A. Lynch was charming, and soft-spoken. A real character. He talked about the importance of ideas, and offered a little insight into how he works. For this film, he would have an idea for a scene, call everybody up, then go and film it. When he had another idea, he would repeat the process. It was only after a while that he started to have ideas that actually linked the scenes he'd already shot. After taking a few questions from the audience, Lynch introduced "the Valley Girls" from the movie.

They came out and reprised their shining moment from the film - performing a quirky choreographed dance to "The Locomotion".

Please check out to read my original movie review, as well as additional coverage of the event.