Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chicago Stars Under The California Stars

Last week we saw Wilco at the Greek theater. It was a hot day, which made it a beautiful night. There was an almost full moon, and the sound at the Greek was much better than usual. You could hear everything really well. The band sounded super-tight and confident as they ran through a set that relied heavily on the new record, Sky Blue Sky, and on the excellent Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

This is actually the view from our seats...

Jeff Tweedy seemed loose, and content to relinquish much of the spotlight to the stellar lead guitarist Nels Cline. Nels is a phenomonal musician, and was definitely the hero of the night. Impossible Germany from the most recent record was a highlight. With it's intricate three guitar parts, the song sounds like an outtake from the second Television record.

Other higlights included a beautiful California Stars (which Tweedy pointed out was oddly left off the setlist the last two times they played in LA); and an epic Kidsmoke, during which Tweedy finally took the lead guitar, and which sounds much better live than it does on A Ghost Is Born.

After two hours and two encores, the show came to an end.
This is when the guy next to us decided to tell us that he thought we were talking too much during the show.
Hey passive-aggressive idiot -
1 - We've been to concerts at which we talk too much. This wasn't one of them.
2- It's a rock concert. People are gonna be making noise and saying stuff like "I love this song!"
3 - If you have a problem with my talking, the time to tell meto keep it down is during the concert... Not after, when there's literally nothing I can do about it.
4 - When you say things like "I just want to share some wisdom with you so you can adjust your behavior in the future", you come off like a condescending, pretentious douchebag.
5 - While you were stressing out about us talking too much, you missed a great show.
6 - More pictures of the show are here.

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