Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our New Favorite Website

What's better than going out for drinks with friends?

Going out for FREE drinks with friends.

We have a new favorite website. It's la.myopenbar.com, and you should visit it often for a list of cool events going on around LA! (or SF or NY)

On any given day, you might find out about an art opening with free food and drink, or you might hear about a cool DJ set at a bar offering free champagne and dollar Kamikazes.

Not everything listed is free, but just about everything listed sounds fun! For example, after going to the site, we got really excited about "Gorilla Thursdays" at Ghetto Gloss in Atwater Village. What sounds better than watching a screening of the original King Kong while drinking free banana daiquiris and eating free chocolate-dipped frozen bananas?!

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