Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby Do's & Don'ts

One of the nice things about the WGA strike was that me and Gina were able to spend more time with each other. Consequently (or maybe not) we are going to have a baby! It's going to be a girl, and her name is going to be Sophie. She's due August 18th. We have a lot to learn between now and then. Thankfully, our friend Brian sent us these tips...

Hmmm... A crate worked great for Daisy.

Everyone knows a microwave works faster than a dryer.

We don't even have fish, so that one's not really helpful.
We only shop at places that have those ridiculous, huge, plastic cars/carts for kids to ride in.

Is there actually ever a time that you want to wake a baby?

I don't know about this last one. A little drink always calms me down.
- H

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