Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day

Last week was our 2nd Wedding anniversary. We celebrated by driving up to the snow.

Heading up the Angeles Crest Highway, it took us about a half hour for us to feel like we were in a Winter Wonderland. One of the things we love about LA is how many awesome places you can get to in less than an hour.
We took an awesome hike. Daisy loved the snow.

Actually, I'm not sure Daisy even realized she was walking on snow. She was just happy to be outside.

The entire hike was so scenic.
We came upon this phonebooth, buried in the snow.

Newcomb's Ranch is exactly 26 miles up from Foothill Blvd. We stopped there for lunch. They have great food, and Craftsman beer on tap. Usually we sit outside, but the patio was covered with snow.

It was a wonderful day, and I bet we didn't even spend 20 bucks. We even built a snowman! (or is that a snow-woman?)

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