Wednesday, July 23, 2008

counting down

less than 4 weeks to go...


Jivin' Jimmy said...

Long Time, No write.... Baby arriving soon I see - Jivin' Jimmy just got back a few weeks ago from a big construction job in New Orleans - what a town !!!

Listen, this may sound NUTS but I was laying on a friends couch in kind of an "altered state" a while back and I could swear you 2 were on some TV show. Just tell me I'm not loosing my mind. It had something to do with a baby room, some guitars, some kind of make over color change thing...... I swear this couple looked like you 2. I told my friend and she said I was full of sh*t and grabbed my meds (I get no respect !!)

So was it really the 2 of you or is the medication frying my brain cells??? JJ has gots ta know....... (got a bet going on this one - dinner and BOTTOMLESS drinks at EL COYOTE- hope it was the Pure Vida kids) You 2 take care and take it easy,

Jivin' Jimmy

PS WHOA, it looks like Obama is slidding into home plate - Go Obama GO !!!

g and h said...

you got it right, jivin jimmy. you're friend owes you LOTS of drinks at el coyote!!!