Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bacon - Clothing Edition

Whenever I watch one of those show like Dateline or 48 hours, I always notice how they have to sum up the murder victims entire lives in one or two sentences. Some poor gal, who was probably very three dimensional always becomes something like "a single mom with a passion for collecting garden gnomes."

It makes me think how I would be described on television if something horrible ever happened to me. Would I be a "creative, generous, loving family man?" Or would I be "an immature rock and roller with an unhealthy bacon obsession?"

At the risk of overstating my passion for bacon, I give you these bacon-related clothing photos:

Ah, the bacon tuxedo... If only I'd known about this before our wedding.

The Bacon Bra! If I'd only known about this before our wedding night.

And, finally, the bacon panties.
Just like the ones I'm wearing right now.


Stew Magoo said...

Sweet sweet tasty bacon..., clothing! hehehe

I found you on google images whilst searching for bacon pictures for my newest foray into bacon fueled stupidity,

I'm stealing your image of the bacon panties now (with credit of course)

--Stew said...

Where on earth can I buy these wonderful panties? said...

I just love the "bacon" undies! were did you get them? Somewer on the internet? =)

Anonymous said...

Get your panties and other bacon clothing needs at!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.