Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Photo Essay. By Sophie Seifert

My parents have been too busy to post lately so I thought I'd give this blogging thing a shot. Here are some highlights of my life in the past month or so.

Me and mommy celebrating Hope and Change.

Bath time!

I hope these naked pictures of me on the internet don't come back to haunt me one day!

My first time meeting Great Grandma Angie! I love you GG Angie!

Will someone please tell my mom to stop dressing me like a clown! Sheesh!

Getting a free cupcake at the grand opening of Crumbs. Yummy!

My very first Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my family that love very much! Thank you Tutu Shelley and Papa Monte for babysitting when Mommy and Daddy have a date night! And thanks for teaching me how to roll to my side and wave!

Daddy celebrated his 40th birthday in November. Wow, 40. That's OLD!

Thanks for the short but sweet visit, Auntie Star. I had a blast hanging out with you!

That's my big sister Daisy. She's licking Daddy on the lips. Gross!
My first slice of Tony's pizza. Good stuff!
I loved looking at all the lights at the DWP lights festival. Hopefully it'll be an annual tradition for us. hint, hint.

This is my friend Ciaran. We met while we were still in our mommy's tummies.
This is my cousin Gian Carlo. He's 3 months older than me. I can't wait to play with him when I get bigger!Who is this crazy man? His mommy dresses him like a clown, too!
Happy Christmakwanzukkah!
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Anonymous said...

This is the best blog ever! What a way to brighten up a dreary rainy day! We love you! Tutu and Papa

Star said...

Love it! Sophie is a really good writer ;)

Anonymous said...

Sophie - What a great 1st blog! I love the pic where you're holding your GG Angie's finger. And the cupcakes - oh the cupcakes. Love you muchly, see you Monday. :)Aunt Patti