Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

sophie seifert - goofy face edition

Vanity Fair Portraits

If you have a chance, get to the Vanity Fair Portrait exhibit at LACMA. It runs through March 1st. In fact, you can catch the exhibit for FREE this MLK Monday through Target Free Holiday Monday program. Me, Sophie, and Phoebe caught it on Tuesday and it was great. Good to see you, Phebs!

Friday, January 9, 2009

my downtown adventure. by sophie seifert

the other day mommy took me to downtown los angeles for their monthly artwalk. it was my first time in an art gallery. well, not exactly. once when i was about 6 weeks old my parents took me to black maria gallery but i was really cranky and we left like, 5 minutes after arriving. so for all intents and purposes, it was my first experience with art. here's mommy and me walking down the street.
my first gallery. mommy's trying to explain what the painting is all about. whatever. the painting behind me is titled, "what water lilies dream". pretty!

what do these words mean?
we walked into this really cool pet store called pussy's and pooch. i got to meet a doggy named daniel. he was nice. i think he was afraid of me. i almost bought this rubber chicken for daisy. it makes a REALLY loud noise when you squeeze it. probably not a good idea for daisy to have when mommy is putting me down for a nap.

next stop, lunch. here i am in front of cole's french dipped sandwich shop.

cedd moses bought it and completely refurbished (big word for me, i know) it. they just reopened about a month ago. it's beautiful inside. and the french dip sandwiches ain't bad, either.
cole's claims to be the originator of the french dip sandwich. philippes the original also claims to be the originator. who's right? oranges, poranges, who cares! word on the street is they both taste pretty spectacular (another big word).

after lunch we slipped into another gallery. the artist here found significance in ordinary objects like barbed wire, a pair of jeans, even a crumpled up shopping bag. hey, i recognize that bag! mommy spends A LOT of money at this store!

here's a painting that's really moody. the guy at the gallery said it represents strangers at a bathhouse. what's a bathhouse? next stop was a tour of a brand new wine bar called the must.
it's really cozy inside. i overheard mommy saying she wants to come back with daddy and sample some wine. i think i'll stay home for that night out. you would never know it, but at the end of this alley is the lost souls coffee shop. this was our last stop of the day. i was getting tired and let my mom know it was time to go, if you know what i mean...i think i have this art thing down. here's what i look like while staring at a piece of art:
and here's what i look like when i'm really moved by a piece of art:
that's me screaming at the top of my lungs in case you didn't know.

can't wait for more. next week, the vanity fair portraits at LACMA with phoebe. oh, and thanks brian for taking such great photos of my excursion. you should be a professional photographer!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

Something i read today from my favorite inspirational website The Daily Groove by Scott Noelle:
"Today's "groove" is a simple message from me to you, and it's completely UNoriginal!...
"Happy New Year!" Three words you've probably recited a few times this week, but have you considered how powerful they are?
Every time you invoke the thought of a happy new year, you're setting an intention to enjoy the next 365 days! You're implicitly proclaiming your belief that you will one day look back on 2009 and say,"That was a truly *happy* year."

Given all the predictions of doom and gloom in the media, you're doing the whole world a great favor when you say "Happy New Year" and really mean it. And perhaps the greatest benefit of having a happy new year is that our children will learn by example that life is good... and all is well."
Happy New Year! Such simple words but really a powerful statement. What are your intentions this new year? More on mine later...