Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

Something i read today from my favorite inspirational website The Daily Groove by Scott Noelle:
"Today's "groove" is a simple message from me to you, and it's completely UNoriginal!...
"Happy New Year!" Three words you've probably recited a few times this week, but have you considered how powerful they are?
Every time you invoke the thought of a happy new year, you're setting an intention to enjoy the next 365 days! You're implicitly proclaiming your belief that you will one day look back on 2009 and say,"That was a truly *happy* year."

Given all the predictions of doom and gloom in the media, you're doing the whole world a great favor when you say "Happy New Year" and really mean it. And perhaps the greatest benefit of having a happy new year is that our children will learn by example that life is good... and all is well."
Happy New Year! Such simple words but really a powerful statement. What are your intentions this new year? More on mine later...

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I said...

Words to live by! Here's to a great 2009!